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how to sell a car ?

How do I sell my car?

4024 day(s) ago

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What do I need to sell my car?

You will need the title to transfer ownership to the buyer. On the back will be a place to sign it over, with details for mileage and addresses. In many states, this is the only proof you need for showing that you sold a car.

Keep your car insurance while you're selling the car: in most cases this will cover any damage done if someone damages it during a test drive.

What should be in my ad?

Skip the superlatives and use the ad space only for information about the car. This should include the year, model, trim level, mileage, extra equipment, contact information, and price.

What is my car worth?

Whatever you can get someone to pay for it.

Price guides will give you a general idea, but the actual value can be changed by current market conditions: if gas prices are high, small cars will sell and SUV's won't. If your car was featured in a movie, it will have a higher value. Remember to look for "private seller" value: dealer values will be higher because it's assumed that they know the car and have had everything fixed on it.

Unless done by a specialty company like Saleen or Roush, modifications add nothing to the value of your car. Many people are unwilling to buy heavily-modified car because they see it less as an improved vehicle than as a failed project.

How do I get more money from my sale?

Fix everything: A functioning car is worth a lot more than a broken one.

Clean the car inside and out: A good professional detail will return the interior and exterior to a far better condition than most people can achieve by themselves. This will make the car look newer and well taken care of by prospective buyers.

Take good photos: Anyone who has ever used Craigslist can tell you how useless most of the automotive pictures are. Take photos of the entire exterior of the car, the interior, and any problem areas. People trust what they see a lot more than what they hear.

Posted 4024 day ago

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