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how to shave ?

I just started shaving. How do I know I did it right?

4274 day(s) ago

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Answers (2)

Short version of the answer:

(1) Is the hair on your face gone?
(2) Is your face screaming in pain or covered in razor bumps?

If you answer yes to #1 and no to #2, then you did it right


Posted 4270 day ago

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Assuming you are a man, you will want to be shaving your face. Shaving is more complicated than it looks but not so difficult that a few simple instructions can’t take care of any problems.

Proper shaving requires the proper materials. You will need:
• 2 hand towels
• 1 sharp and clean disposable safety razor or disposable-blade safety razor
• Shaving cream, gel or foam
• Aftershave, non-alcohol

First, wash your face thoroughly with warm water and soap. It is important to soften the facial hair as much as possible. Wet one of the hand towels with water as hot as you can stand but it needn’t be scolding. Place the hot towel over your entire face and neck or just below the eyes to the neck. Hold the towel there for 2 or 3 minutes.

Remove the towel and discharge a baseball-size amount of foam shaving cream into one hand. If you are using gel, much less is required. Work the shaving cream into the facial hair to the skin using small circular motions until all facial hair is covered.

Fill your sink with a small amount of water and stopper it. Wet the razor and stroke gently downward beginning on the far side of one cheek. Always stroke in the direction of hair growth, usually downward but sometimes slightly to the left or right. It will take a couple times before you get to know the layout of your own face.

Rinse the razor in the sink between each stroke, making sure there is no hair caught between the blades. When one cheek is finished continue to the far side of the other cheek until only the upper lip and chin remain. Shave the upper lip and finish with the chin.

Rinse with cold water and pat with a dry towel. Finish up with a small amount of aftershave lotion. Non-alcohol lotion helps keep the skin from becoming irritated.

Posted 4274 day ago

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