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how to tattoo ?

I want to learn to do tattoos. How is it done exactly?

3659 day(s) ago

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First of all, you should never give a tattoo to anyone unless you are experienced or under the direct supervision of a professional tattoo artist. Most tattoo artists learn for several months or years in an apprenticeship to a professional artist. Beginners practice on leather and pigskins before they move up to live people.

With that out of the way, there are some basic steps that must be followed in giving someone a tattoo. The first step is to prepare a work area. You will want to draw or trace the design first on paper. Once the design is approved, it can be put on transfer paper. The transfer paper allows you to put the drawing on the skin of the recipient. The skin is prepared by shaving any hairs and applying a little KY Jelly.

After the image has been transferred, prepare the needle gun. The needle should always be either new out of the package or sterilized. You will also want to put on rubber gloves. There will be blood. Sometimes just a little, sometimes more. It is different with everyone. Fill the ink reservoirs with the colors needed. Black is usually first because the tattoo begins as an outline. With the needle running, trace the outline of the image on the skin.

Once the outline is complete, it is just a matter of filling in the color. The base colors are put in first and then the shading. The shading can be the most difficult part of the tattoo and it certainly requires the most practice and artistic skill. Once the shading is done, so is the tattoo. All that is left is the cleanup. Usually needles are disposed of but other pieces of the tattoo gun are sterilized and reused.

Posted 3659 day ago

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