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How do you fight a bear?

I am going camping next week, and I don't really know what to do if a bear attacks. I heard you just play dead, but can you fight it off before it destroys everything?

4209 day(s) ago

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Answers (2)

KRSTN1234 don't...take a pistol with you...

Posted 3844 day ago

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Despite the differences in size and power, it is possible to fight off a bear. Video exists of just such a fight, but to be successful, the fight usually must forego physical contact. After the bear makes a successful strike, the game may change quickly.

The usual recommendations for dealing with bears do not involve a confrontation. If you are not spotted, slowly back away until out of sight, and then wait for a couple of hours before returning. The bear will usually have moved on by then, but it may have trashed your camp by then. If the bear spots you and approaches or charges, you may be best off just playing dead. Many bears will ignore a person lying face down and still on the ground.

If you choose to confront a bear, it is best to be armed. A high-power rifle or bear-strength pepper spray will work. Small arms, bows and knives may help in a real fight, but chances are against you. Bears are some of the strongest and fiercest of all land animals.

In a life and death situation, when there is no other choice, you can attempt to scare the bear. If the bear doesnít see you, you can make a lot of noise, yelling or banging loud objects together. This may scare them away.

If the bear sees you, you have to make yourself appear threatening. You have to raise your arms high in the air and hold your hands out. Standing on your tiptoes may help you appear larger. Then, you scream, but not a girly frightened scream. You have to scream like youíre ready to rip out the bearís throat with your bare hands. You can also make feints at the bear, like youíre going to attack, but never actually get any closer to the bear. You want to keep your distance.

If a bear charges you, fighting is not the best option. At that point, you need to focus on protecting yourself. Make yourself as small as possible. Curl up on the ground and wrap your arms around your head and tuck into your chest. Pull up your knees to protect your abdomen. If the bear starts mauling you, but you are still alive, you can attempt to kick a male bear in his testicles. This is not a vulnerable body part only for humans. Other vulnerable body parts include the nose and the eyes.

When deciding whether to fight a bear, remember, most bear fights do not turn out well for the human. Fighting is strictly last resort.

Posted 4209 day ago

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