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Does acupuncture work?

I am having some pain in my upper back and neck. I was told that acupuncture can help relieve the pain without having to take pills, but I think it is just a waste of my time and money.

4655 day(s) ago

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If you ask one of the thousands of people for whom acupuncture has provided relief from a medical condition or its symptoms, they will undoubtedly say yes, acupuncture works. If you ask a medical researcher, the answer will be something more like this:

Acupuncture may provide patients relief from certain medical conditions or symptoms much the same way as a placebo medication, but the results of scientific studies are inconclusive.

Acupuncture is an alternative treatment that many people use for the relief of a number of medical conditions and symptoms. The practice originated in China thousands of years ago. The philosophy behind yoga is that the body operates through two opposing energies, the yin and yang. This energy travels throughout the body through pathways called meridians.

When the energy becomes imbalanced through a block in the flow of the energy, it manifests in one of four ways: spiritual, mental, emotional and physical. Practitioners of acupuncture believe that physical illnesses are caused by these imbalances in energy.

Fortunately, practitioners of traditional Chinese medicine discovered long ago that these energy blocks could be removed by sticking fine pins shallowly into the skin along the proper meridians. The pins open up the meridians and allow the energy to flow as it should.

While it is indisputable that many people have benefited from acupuncture, Western medical scientists don’t exactly understand how to test it through the modern scientific process. Medical studies require several controls to be sure that the results are not just a fluke. The main problem is determining how to create control groups for acupuncture studies.

Another factor that makes acupuncture difficult to study is that the practice is much more than sticking needles into the skin. Acupuncturists also talk to the patients in a relaxed, yet authoritative way. These talks can include advice about diet, exercise and other healthy habits to follow between sessions.

Personally, I believe if it works for even one individual, no further proofs are needed. However, if you want additional proof that acupuncture works, you can consider these facts:

• Acupuncture needles have been categorized as FDA-approved medical devices since 1996.
• Most states require acupuncturists to be certified.
• Many health insurance policies list acupuncture as an approved secondary treatment option.

Posted 4655 day ago

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