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Can your eyes pop out?

I mean, can they pop out of your head like you see in the movies? Are they still attached to something or do they come all the way out?

4459 day(s) ago

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Answers (1)

Yes, hundreds or thousands of cases of human eyeballs popping out of their sockets are documented by medical science. While it is not true that your eyes will pop out if you keep them open when you sneeze, some of the real ways this can happen are much like those seen in the movies.

The eyeballs are very delicate organs, but they are more delicate in some people than in others. Most eyeballs pop out because of head trauma, but exactly how much or what kind of force is required for such an accident to occur varies by individual. Some people can undergo severe head injuries and their eyes stay pretty much intact. Others can get a little bump and their eyeballs come flying out of their sockets.

A select few people experience a medical phenomenon called spontaneous globe luxation. This is medical jargon for your eyes popping out suddenly all on their own. The eyes of these people may pop out if they just rub their eyelids just so or while putting in contact lenses.

The damage caused when your eyeball pops out varies by the force in which it is released. If it just casually pops out, the optic nerve will still be attached to the back. Although you will be tempted to pop it back in yourself, you should visit a doctor and have them do it in a sterile environment with the correct technique.

In more serious eye-popping cases, the eye pops out with such force that it severs the optic nerve and becomes completely detached from the body. This is more serious for several reasons. First, the eye can get dirty, damaged or lost. Second, the nerve may be irreparable, so you will not be able to see out of the eye again even if they save it and get it back in your head.

Some people whose eyes pop out frequently have to undergo a special surgery in which their eyelids are partially sewn shut on the ends to hold their eyes in place.

Posted 4459 day ago

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