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How do you get an STD?

4643 day(s) ago

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STDs are transmitted through sexual activity with an infected partner. In many cases, the partner may not even know they are carrying the disease because it has yet to show symptoms. Also, sexual activity is not limited to any one particular act. Any type of sexual activity can potentially spread sexually transmitted diseases, including oral sex and sex that ends before climax. While abstinence is the only sure way to keep yourself 100 percent free of STDs, many measures can be taken to reduce the risk to practically zero.

Unprotected sexual activity requires skin-to-skin contact and repetitive movements. This can cause the skin to become raw or cause abrasions. When this happens, small amounts of blood from one person may reach abrasions on the other. Some of the pathogens that cause STDs are only in the blood, but anytime the skin is compromised, it can spread. Some pathogens are present in the bodily fluids, such as vaginal secretions and semen. Coming into contact with these fluids may also cause the spread of disease.

Many different forms of disease can be spread through sexual contact. Some of them are the result of bacterial infections and some are the result of viruses. Some of the most common STDs include the following:

Genital herpes
Genital warts
Pubic lice

If you decide that you are going to be sexually active, the best protection from STDs is to always use a condom. Condoms create a barrier that minimizes skin-to-skin contact and contact with bodily fluids.

Other measures you can take to reduce the risk of developing an STD are as follows:

Have a single sexual partner.
Make sure you and your partners are tested for STDs before engaging in sexual activity.
Understand that birth control methods other than condoms do not stop the spread of STDs.

Posted 4643 day ago

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Question Title How do you get an STD?
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