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Can you own a tank in America?

I just want to have a tank I can tool around in on my property. It doesn't have to have guns.

4648 day(s) ago

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Answers (1)

Yes, every state in the union allows civilian to own a tank as long as the weapons are deactivated. Of course, laws prevent you from driving the tank down city streets, so you will have to make due on your own property, as you suggest. If you know how to fly, you can also own a disarmed but otherwise fully functional fighter jet. All it takes is a little money.

More than one entrepreneur has made a business out of their personally owned tank or fleet of tanks. Some of these tank-owners rent out their tank for the right price. A lot of people who rent the tanks use them to shoot scenes in movies. Others just have a special event they think would be interesting if a tank were present. One tank rental business gets from $2,500 to $6000 per day for renting out their tanks.

Another business located in Texas offers civilians a chance to drive a tank and crush cars with it for four hours on their 150-acre ranch. This privilege starts at $995 and comes with souvenirs.

If you are not content with renting a tank, you can always buy your own. The only problem is locating a seller. American tanks are hard to come by, but you can get your hands on foreign tanks more easily, as long as you are willing to pay shipping. For just under $50,000 you can buy a T-72 from a European company and have it delivered. The T-72 was the primary battle tank used by the Soviet Union back in the day.

If you canít afford a full-size tracked tank, you can always settle for a wheeled armored vehicle for as little as $17,000. Since it has wheels, it can be converted to be street-legal.

Why stop at owning a tank when you could own your own fighter jet. Starting for only $4,500 you can get an older fighter from the late 1950s. If you have about $2 million, upi cpi;d get a 2005 Northrop F-5.

Posted 4648 day ago

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Question Title Can you own a tank in America?
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