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Do Disney movies have hidden messages?

People say that Disney cartoon have dirty hidden messages in them, but I've never seen them. Is this true?

4672 day(s) ago

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Answers (1)

Without a doubt, Disney cartoonists and sound technicians have added hidden messages into many of their most popular childrenís cartoons, and many of them make sexual references. Although a lot of people see hidden messages where none exist, three scenes in Disney movies stand out as irrefutable.

Disney artists and story developers have a long history of taking their creations and adding some extra personalization. Such behavior began out of anger because Walt Disney refused to acknowledge the creative efforts of his staff. All of the early Disney cartoons say they are the sole effort of Walt Disney himself, which was not true. In the 1940s, Disney was forced to start crediting the others due to the artist unions.

In addition, Disney artists were known to make erotic drawings and cartoons of Disney characters for their own amusement. These never made it into the film, but they began to leak out of the animation studios and into the hands of private collectors. As time went on, artists and technicians got a little braver and sneakier. Some erotic messages to get into Disney films include the following:

1. In The Rescuers, when Bernard and Bianca climb into the sardine can on top of the albatross and fly through the city, a model baring her breasts can be seen briefly in one of the windows. In this case, everyone at Disney seems to have known of this deliberate addition, but since this was before home video, everyone was content that no one would really notice it in the theater because it went by too fast.

2. In the cover art for the home video of The Little Mermaid, one of the towers of the castle is drawn to be a penis. The artist admits that he drew the tower to resemble a penis on purpose, but after he was finished, he began to think that he made it much too obvious. Unfortunately, he was working on a deadline and didnít have time to redo it.

3. In the Lion King when Simba is on the cliff, he plops down and a cloud of dust rises on the backdrop of the stars. As the dust settles, it forms the word SEX. Although very obvious when you know what to look for, it is argued that it actually says SFX, and it was supposed to be a hidden message from the special effects department.

Many other instances of hidden messages have been reported, but none are as obvious as these. Most of them are like people looking at clouds and seeing whatever they want to see in them.

Posted 4672 day ago

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