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am i a werewolf

i have a strange craving for meat everyday. and when i go in the car i roll down my window and stick my head out. and i have started to spend much more time with my dog then my cats. what do i do?

4362 day(s) ago

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Answers (2)

It could be possible, it is not true about those rude stereotypes about werewolves, but the real werewolves live inside of us :3

Posted 4249 day ago

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No. Chances are that you are not a werewolf. One of the reasons I say this is because werewolves are fictional entities that do not exist on this planet. Another reason I say this is because your symptoms are nothing like any werewolf I have ever heard of. It sounds like you are just kind of eccentric, but otherwise, all of your behaviors can be chalked up to personal preference.

Letís take a look at all of your symptoms. First, you say you have a craving for meat every day. This is not at all unusual. I would venture to say that a majority of people have a craving for meat at least once per day. Even some vegetarians and vegans have a craving for meat. They just donít give in to it. Now, if you have a craving for human flesh or ripping warm and bloody meat off the bones of live animals, thatís another story. But, it could still just make you psychotic and not a werewolf.

Next, you claim you like to stick your head out of the window in a moving car. Personally, I have never heard of a werewolf engaging in such behavior. Perhaps you are a were-labrador retriever, but I donít see anything particular werewolfish about this.

So, you like to spend time with your dogs, but not your cats. I know a lot of people who like dogs but not cats. Again, this is perfectly normal behavior and not unusual at all. In reality, wolves have no special affinity for dogs and are known to attack them. This goes double for werewolves. Werewolves donít like any human pets, especially dogs, because in the movies Iíve seen and books Iíve read, dogs can sniff out werewolves and sometimes attack them when they are in human form.

The last reason you canít be a werewolf is because you donít change into a wolf. Thatís the biggest prerequisite for being a werewolf, and it seems like that would be something you wouldnít forget to mention.

Anyway, thanks for telling us about your quirky behaviors. Thereís nothing particularly werewolf-like about them, but interesting nonetheless.

Posted 4352 day ago

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