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Over-active bladder on some days, why?

Okay, there are some days, or parts of days, where my bladder is extremely over active. I'm only twenty and I'm pretty sure there is nothing wrong with my prostate or anything. There are times where even when I haven't been drinking a lot I feel the need to relieve myself very often. I will pee, (and it's always a good, long pee, not just a little tinkle here and there), and then ten minutes later have to pee again really bad. It is always clear pee when it happens and usually lasts over 4 seconds each time. Why does this happen? Is my body just releasing toxins and causes this to happen to help flush them out, or what?

4618 day(s) ago

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Answers (3)

People that use salt alot in their diet, can and will retain more fluids than normal. You can help lower this pee effect, by reducing your daily salt intake

Posted 4576 day ago

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Um im 20 and was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at 18. Your not too young to have something wrong with you. Frequent urination is a sign of diabetes. But so is excessive thirst. And you dont have that. If the frequent urination hasnt happened in the past and all of a sudden it starts up something is obviously not right. Go to a doctor, have them test your blood sugar, just so they can rule that out if it isnt that. Your health is very important.

Posted 4614 day ago

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4611 day(s) ago
Good point Amanda. OP, I hope you got this checked out

I'm no doctor but since it is not an ongoing problem, I have to think it's related to something you are eating or drinking. I know you said it's not when you're drinking a lot, but is there any possibility it happens on days when you drink more coffee than usual in the morning or something like that?

As you pointed out, frequent urination can be related to several medical conditions, including blood sugar problems or diabetes. Even though you are young and presumably healthy, it's important enough to ask your doctor about it, and don't wait for your next regular appointment.

Posted 4616 day ago

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Question Title Over-active bladder on some days, why?
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