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could i really be a vampire

So Im turning 17 in 2 months and i have been feeling really different. The sun really bothers me, i am constantly hungry, i feel more energetic at night, heighten senses,and a strange liking for the taste of blood if vampires really do exist and you think Im one of them could you please givee a hand i have known to talk about it

4592 day(s) ago

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Answers (2)

It's highly unlikely, the sun really bothers me too but I'm certain I'm still human.
You being contantly hungry could be caused by a low metabolism or just the fact that you're eating low energy foods, and maybe you've stayed up late so often that your body clock has reset and now you feel that it's normal to go to sleep late (sort of like jet lag).
As for the other two symptoms - everyone likes strange foods and some dishes like black pudding actually include blood! meaning it's completely normal to have a taste for blood, and perhaps you've been looking after your body and so your senses have improved.

Posted 4533 day ago

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Esoteric Jai
Could you really be a vampire?
hmm... well lets see...
You obviously show the tell-tale signs of the beginning stages of vampiric metaphorism.
And my recent studies show that you'll reach your peak by the age 18 and 6 months.
Now would you happen to have any self proclaimed vampires anywhere in your lineage?
if youre unsure now would be a good time to create an account on
and if there are any unexplained "errors" in a death certificate theres your proof!

Glad to have been of service!

Posted 4580 day ago

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Question Title could i really be a vampire
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