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was i going to die?

I couldn't fall asleep for a while,then at 3 o'clock i finally was almost asleep,i saw some short and weird dreams...then,i realized that i was not sleeping anymore,but i couldn't open my was so hard to open them,i started to see weird pictures in my head which were sliding very fast,it scared me, and i heard the sound,like a thunder(all that time my eyes were closed)...i got very scared,and was trying to open my eyes so hard,finally i opened them...i thought that that was the i am really scared to fall asleep,and feel horrible...p.s.i am on Accutane
Thank you)

4150 day(s) ago

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Answers (1)

Hmm I don't know anything about Accutane.
The part about not being able to open your eyes, etc, sounds like sleep paralysis, which is not uncommon.

I think it's been a couple days since you posted this. Still having these problems at night?

Posted 4147 day ago

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Question Title was i going to die?
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