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Am I a Werewolf? :o

Okay so here's why I might be a werewolf

1.) I ABSOLUTELY LOVE WALKS… I'm on the track team and really good at it, I am very fast and athletic
2.) I love dog treats!! I know, it's so embarrassing but I sit outside with my dog eating them, and they are soooo good
3.) I am a night person, if I sleep before the moon comes I believe that is against my nature
4.) I loooove canines, my dogs always follow me, I talk to them and they listen, they are like my buddies, they respond back EX: if I say " My friends mother died", he/she would put her nuzzle on my knee and whimper happens all the time!
5.) I'm really smart, and obey everyone I am very friendly, everyone thinks I'm cute an beautiful
6.) Whoever is tallest, biggest, or strongest male I obey as if alpha male
7.) I help my mom cook, and my dad/family hunt, I AM VERY GOOD at hunting and catching
8.) I look out for friends and family
9.) I prefer warm temperatures (a little on the cold side) and heavily forested areas
10.) I have sharp teeth, tall, and bluish white eyes, pointy ears (but not like elf ears) and I have a craving for meat
11.) I can be pushy, if I don't get what I NEED I push my parents and whine
12.) I cant sleep with a blanket over me, it feels like somethings smothering me, it has to be uneven, I LOVE TO STACK BLANKETS ON MY BED AND SLEEP ON TOP
13.) I'm very smart
14.) I have sensitive eyes, nose, and a very distinctive taste
15.) I throw up if I eat chocolate, and flighty allergic if eaten
16.) I can move my ears, and twitch my nose
17.) I do not believe in god, I believe in spirits


4318 day(s) ago

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Answers (3)

in reply, no

Posted 4173 day ago

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This are your genetical and after learned abilities while one of mine is imaginational masturbating(its like real) its just your good things now GTFO

Posted 4252 day ago

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No you are not a werewolf. There are no such things. How old are you? You say you believe in spirits but not God? This do-sent make any sense as you cannot have one without the other. If you believe in spirits then you believe in God! God is spirit, and as i believe also man in Jesus. Angels are spirits as are demons. We too are spirits and body. Without God then were do spirits come from and what makes them evil or good? Father son and holy spirit Amen.

Posted 4294 day ago

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