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Strange feelings and instincts.

My friends have told me that when i listen to certain music, i seem to blank out and turn lifeless. They have a video of them playing a song and halfway through the video and song, i blank out and sit motionless. I never remember anything in that time that passes while i'm in that state except of what i was thinking about. Is this normal? Now; i wanted to ask about strange instincts. I have double conscienceness (google it) but i also have a very good instinct about whats going on around me. For example,today a friend tried to throw a punch at the back of my head and i felt his fist behind me and ducked down, grabbing his wrist above my head. I subconsciencelly (not sure how to spell that) take a note of who is in a room with me, any features, what they are wearing, the time, and where i am. I'm not sure what to think so i'll leave it to you!

4511 day(s) ago

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well, if I were to judge you normally I would just say you are very observant and have extremely good reflexes. A lot of my friends will suddenly start staring at the ground or something for like 30 seconds as if they're some kind of zombie and then suddenly 'wake up' again.

Posted 4475 day ago

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Question Title Strange feelings and instincts.
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