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looking for historic conman

I read a story about a year back on ( I am 90% sure this was the site) and now I cant seem to find it. I have looked everywhere on the site.
The story is of a man in the 18th century. He was a con man and imposter, he traveled europe on his schemes. He was married. He and his wife were acquaintances of Casanova. Not sure how close they were to Casanova but I do remember reading that he was very much enjoyed the company of the couple and the met and had drinks together on more than one occasion. I think they met Casanova when he was in his elder years and they may have been much younger.
This is all I can remember on the story. It was a fantastic read and I wanted to read more about the man but now have now way to look him up.

4399 day(s) ago

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Question Title looking for historic conman
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