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In World War Two, did the plane engineers get dog tags too?

Did the plane engineers get dog tags? I'm thinking WWII, England. I'm clueless and not good at researching... help me, please? and my bad if I just made a fool of myself I do that a lot.

4379 day(s) ago

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Best Answer

I asked Professor Elihu Rose , an expert in this area of history, and here is the answer:

"Strange question indeed! I don't know the answer for sure but a good bet is that if the aircraft engineers were civilian, they would not have been issued dog tags. But if they were military, they would most definitely have carried "identity disks." So the question is incomplete as posed.
Without knowing whether they were civilian, one cannot suggest source for the answer."

So in other words, British plane engineers in WWII were sometimes civilians and were sometimes in the military. If they were officially in the military, they would have had dog tags.

Posted 4374 day ago

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4374 day(s) ago
Never feel foolish for asking a question ;)
I am not sure but I asked a few experts, so hopefully we'll have an answer soon

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