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opinion of people in general

I have a friend and we loved each other, due to family pressures he got married. during his holidays, not once did he say i love you. he just enquired how i was when one day he messaged to say - i love you... after almost a week. i asked him - had you forgotten to say i love you all these days ? he replied - i was afraid to tell you i love you. this answer not only hurt me but guys - am i lacking understanding here to believe that he was really frightened but for what ?

4141 day(s) ago

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4133 day(s) ago
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Answers (1)

Assuming all the information you have me, and coming from a male perspective, it sounds like yes, he was a afraid to tell you, it could have been out of guilt because he got married or it could have been because SINCE he had gotten married he wasn't sure how you still felt and didn't want to make you uncomfortable. Did he tell you it was family pressures or is that what you saw? if he told you that, there's a chance he may have lied to you, but only to not hurt you. Both men and women's have their own way of doing what it takes to make a relationship work, and we both do it differently. Men and women will NEVER get along %100 because we're too different in the he'ad and neither of us are mind readers. People lie to protect the ones we love. Even if it's not the love you were looking for from him.

Now lets look at the alternative, assuming he didn't tell you because he was afraid you didn't still feel the same way, there may have been a lack of communication between you two, if this is what you think the case is, my advice is to tell him how you feel and don't wait for him to message you, because if you do he'll never message you. I'm not saying guys don't go out of their way to show women they care, I'm just saying men are more prone to just be content with what they have rather than go above and beyond to be with the one they truly love. Luckily for me I'm one of the latter, I do anything and everything on a day basis to make sure my fiancÚ is happy an content, because I love her and I'd die for her. If he doesn't have the courage to tell his famy he isn't happy and wanted to be with you instead, honest I'd say he isn't worth your time, just be a friend or now. Wait for that guy who WILL go the extra mile for you.

I'm not saying anything because I don't k ow either if you, but you asked for an opinion and I'm giving you mine. Apart from all that I wish the best of luck to you, hun, if ya need to talk message me on twitter @bwiley1024
*hugs* PS: remember, you always have friends ;)

Posted 4141 day ago

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