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If you submerge yourself in your swimming pool with scuba gear might you survive a tornado?

4032 day(s) ago

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Answers (2)

Well, first of all, this is an awesome question.

As far as an answer goes, we have to consider the primary source of death and injury in a tornado. Very rarely is death from a tornado from being sucked up into the vortex and thrown thousands of feet. Usually death comes debris flying at extreme speeds coming into contact with a person or the collapse of a structure.

If the vortex were to go directly over the swimming pool, if the swimming pool were an above-ground deal, depending on the scale of the funnel (fujita scale), it would likely be destroyed by the force of winds given their broad surface area, in which case if you're in scuba gear you would not be in a good position. If it were an in-ground swimming pool, the water would likely be sucked up into the tornado, along with anything in it, unless it were an unusually deep swimming pool. Even if it were, however, and our hypothetical diver were at the very bottom, the turbulence of the water caused by the surface winds would likely kill or seriously injure the diver.

However, if the tornado were just passing nearby an in-ground pool with a depth of about 10 feet, I think the diver could survive.

Is this a good idea? Of course not! There are lots of better ways to find shelter from a tornado! Basements, underpasses, bathtubs with a mattress over them...

But I admit it would be pretty friggin' badass.

Posted 3308 day ago

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First off i would like to thank you for this awsome question, now the only way you could truely answer this question is if someone actually tried it, i doubt anyone would. I would however like to bring up some intresting things to consider : water spouts (tornado's over water) are sucking water up into the sky, you might find your self sucked up with all this water if the pool got drained enough to expose you. The second thing i would bring to your attention is flying debri trapping you in the water with no hope of escape, such as a giant tree landing on top of you or the water, making it impossible to reach the surface. some tornado's are big enough to move tractors, houses, and other very large objects. If given a choice i would rather be trapped under debri while not having to worry about running out of oxygen. Either way getting trapped would suck but I feel you have a much smaller time limit for rescue to find you or escape. Just my two cents, would make an epic you tube video if you could record such an experience under water lol

Posted 4007 day ago

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Question Title If you submerge yourself in your swimming pool with scuba gear might you survive a tornado?
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