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Can I hide my stash from a drug-sniffing dog?

Is there any way to hide some weed from a police dog?

4800 day(s) ago

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Answers (2)

if you want to get caught listen to the last guy. this is the only way to fool police dogs and i mean the only way get a bag of buds grind it up in a coffee grinder till it's total dust put it in a plastic bag to get the oils all over the bag then sprinkle the weed dust along your walls doorways front porch back door everywhere then take the empty bag with the oils in it and rub it on doors walls cabinets ect. the police dog will be alerting everywhere rendering him useless making it impossible to tell where your stash is cause the dog thinks its everywhere that is the only way to beat a dog . your welcome for this info

Posted 3674 day ago

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It is possible to hide drugs from a drug-sniffing police dog, but it is extremely difficult. Police have caught on to most drug-dealersí tricks and have trained their dogs to be more efficient and even proactive in their searching.

Simply hiding drugs out of sight is usually not sufficient unless the drugs are on your person. If you have the drugs in your personal possession, placing them in a balloon or condom and inserting them into your mouth or anus will keep dogs from discovering them. This is because these places on your body hide the drugs from smell, the primary sense that dogs use to find the drugs in the first place. Any other place on your body or in your clothes will be discoverable by a dog. If the drugs are in your car, the only safe place to hide them is inside the gas tank, submerged in gasoline. This, however, is not so safe for your car. Gas can eat away many types of plastics and once they are leaked into the gas, it will ruin the drugs and possibly your car to boot.

Covering up the smell of the drugs with other scents has often been used in the past but it does not always work. Coffee was once used to cover the scent of drugs but modern dogs have been trained to discern the individual scents. It is possible to hide the scent if the drugs are in a vacuum-sealed, air-tight container but thatís about the only way and it is very rare for someone to get a container completely air-tight.

The method of hiding drugs from dogs recommended by ex-police officers is to use a diversion tactic. One officer suggests that if the drugs are in your car, take your cat along with you. The dog may be distracted by the cat enough to throw off the drug detection. Another possible method is to hide the drugs in a bag of snack food like chips or cookies. Eat them while the police talk to you. The officer may think it is just the food.

There is no way to be sure. The safest thing you can do is not carry or transport drugs with you at all.

Posted 4800 day ago

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Question Title Can I hide my stash from a drug-sniffing dog?
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