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Does hair grow back thicker after shaving?

Everyone says hair grows back thicker after shaving so makes me afraid to shave. Is this true? I don't want a lot of hair on my body.

5249 day(s) ago

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Answers (1)

It is a common misconception that hair grows back thicker, darker, or both after shaving. None of these are true. Hair thickness is never increased or decreased by shaving. It is determined solely by your hormones and your genes. No outside force can change the thickness of your hair except for some drugs that affect your hormones.

It does appear that hair grows back thicker after shaving, but this is only an illusion. The reason for this is because, after time, the ends of our hair wear down and fray, so they are tapered. Given time, the tips of our hair become slightly pointed. When we shave, we are cutting the hair straight across as the base. When the hair grows out, that flat-ended cross-section makes the hair stiffer. If kept unshaved for a period of time, the ends again will wear down, split, and fray. This will again make them seem more wispy and lighter. Under no circumstances will hair get thicker or continue to thicken with each shave.

If you want to test this out, you can snip a very small portion of the ends of your hair and then compare it with a portion of hair that hasn’t been snipped. You will see that the snipped end looks thicker and feels stiffer than the unsnipped portion. In this experiment, at no time did your hair have a chance to grow.

People have always been fascinated with hair and there is a long list of other fallacies surrounding it. Some other common misconceptions about hair are:

• Haircuts should be timed by the phases of the moon.
• Split ends can be mended.
• Eating bread crusts causes hair to curl.
• Hair gets used to shampoo so shampoo brands must be changed every now and then.
• Pulling out gray hairs causes double to grow back.
• Wearing hats makes you bald.
• Shock or fright can turn hair white.

None of these are true either.

Posted 5249 day ago

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Question Title Does hair grow back thicker after shaving?
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