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how do i call mexico ?

How do I make a phone call to Mexico?

5275 day(s) ago

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Answers (2)

Mexico's code is 52. first dial 52 from your phone then dial contact number.

Posted 5174 day ago

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Before you make a call, you may want to pick up an international calling card. Under most circumstances, this will be much cheaper than the rates your phone company will charge, especially if need large blocks of talking time. Keep in mind that if you use a pre-paid phone, you may still be using your minutes even though the access number for the phone card is toll free.

If you are dialing from the U.S. or Canada, you need to dial "011" to exit the area phone system. Since "0" is the number for the operator, some phones require you to dial "+" first. This includes almost all cell phones.

Next, you need to dial the country code. Mexico's code is 52.

The rest of the number follows the same conventions as other North American numbers: "1" followed by a three digit area code and a seven digit local number. Sometimes a phone number will be listed as eight digits: the first digit is actually the last digit of the area code. If you looked up the phone number for the Mexico City Airport, you might see the number listed as 2482-2424, (+52 55) 2482-2424, or 552-482-2424.

The number you would dial on your phone is +011-52-1-552-482-2424. That's "+011" to call outside the U.S. and Canada, the "52" country code for Mexico, a "1" at the start of the number, the "552" area code for that part of Mexico City, and finally the local number "482-2424."

Posted 5275 day ago

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