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how do i get rid of cellulite ?

How do I get rid of cellulite?

5248 day(s) ago

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Answers (1)

The word "cellulite" describes the appearance of skin: some people describe it as "cottage cheese thighs." It is formed by a combination of fat and connective tissue underneath the skin. The cause can be a variety of things, including genes, hormones, stress, dehydration, and diet. To get rid of cellulite, you must address these issues.

Creams don't work directly because they can't reach this tissue, although they can help hide it by smoothing the skin, as shown in this video. Massage also helps, although the effect doesn't last as long.

Too little fluid in the body can draw up the skin, while too much can make it look puffy, increasing the appearance of cellulite. The trick is to help improve your body's ability to regulate water retention. Drink plenty of water throughout the day, and avoid diuretics like coffee, tea, and alcohol. Reduce salt intake, particularly from processed foods.

Stress hormones have been traced to the formation of the connective tissue causing the cottage cheese effect. Weight loss can also decrease the appearance of cellulite by reducing the amount of fat pushing through this connective tissue.

If all else fails, there is cosmetic surgery. The accent system in the video is becoming more commonplace, but treatment costs thousands of dollars. A plastic surgeon can also use invasive surgery to break up the connective tissue beneath the skin, smoothing out the fat. This is generally done during liposuction. Remember that even these methods do not permanently prevent the formation of cellulite.

Posted 5248 day ago

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Question Title how do i get rid of cellulite ?
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