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how many people smoke ?

How many people smoke tobacco? Where do people smoke the most? The least?

5275 day(s) ago

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Answers (1)

There isn't a definitive global study on tobacco use, but it's estimated there are 1.3 billion people smoke world-wide. There are 44.5 million smokers in America, which is about 22% of the population above the age of 18.

Studies differ for claims on the country with the highest percentage of smokers. By some estimates, Greece is in the lead with 42% of its population smoking, while estimates for several small island countries in the Pacific have a rate around 45%. The country with the lowest percentage of smokers is Nigeria, at 6%, with El Salvador and Ghana not far behind at 8% each. China consumes the most cigarettes of any nation: 1.6 trillion cigarettes a year, or about 30% of the world's total production.

No matter which country you look at, more men smoke than women, particularly in Asia. It's estimated that two-thirds of men in China smoke, but almost no women. Phillip Morris markets Virginia Slims, a brand strongly associated with femininity in the West, as a man's tobacco.

Posted 5275 day ago

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