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how do i put music on my psp ?

How do I put music on my Sony PSP?

4868 day(s) ago

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Answers (1)

Music files will need to be transfered to your PSP's memory stick. This memory card uses a file format that is recognizable to your computer, so transferring files is a matter of connecting the card to your PC. There are two ways to do this:

Direct transfer: There are adapters on the market that let you connect the memory stick via USB or a memory card slot, or if you own a Sony computer you may have a memory stick slot. If you just bought a memory stick, it needs to be formatted by your PSP before transferring files: it won't always recognize a PC-formatted stick.

PSP as USB device: Press the "home" button on your PSP, and go right until you see "USB Connection." Switch this on. Now if you connect the PSP to your computer via a USB cable, it shows up as a portable drive, like a thumb drive or memory card. Here you can copy your files directly to the memory stick.

Files can also be transfered from a PS3 to PSP using USB mode. Music files cannot be transfered wirelessly.

The PSP supports MP3, MP4, ATRAC, WAV, and WMA files. Other formats can be converted for use on the PSP using a variety of utilities, including Sony's own Media Go software, which they offer as a free download on their site:

Posted 4868 day ago

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Question Title how do i put music on my psp ?
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