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How many calories in coffee?

How many calories are there in a cup of coffee? I love drinking it, but I need to lose weight, fast! Can I keep drinking my coffee even though I'm cutting calories?

5247 day(s) ago

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Answers (1)

The good news is that, potentially, depending on how you like your coffee, you can almost definitely keep drinking that black gold even while you lose weight! The bad news is that it most definitely does depend on how you drink your coffee, and what kind of coffee you drink.

A regular old cup of home-brewed black coffee is around two calories. Eight ounces of instant coffee is more like four calories, and there is a single calorie for each ounce of espresso. Each of these is pretty light on the caloric content, but where the real difference starts hitting is in the additives, and the source.

Drinking coffee that you made yourself is always the better choice in terms of calories. Adding just a hint of cream (52 calories per tablespoon,) or sugar (48 calories per tablespoon,) won't add too many calories per drink, but the main thing is that you are in control and aware of how much you are adding to your own drink. Going out to a cafe or chain is dangerous! Many Starbucks drinks have 500 calories or more per drink, which is absolutely deadly if you're trying to cut calories. Imagine consuming a quarter of your maximum daily caloric intake in one drink! Keep your coffee drinking at home, and good luck!

Posted 5247 day ago

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