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Is nail polish bad for your nails? Can nail polish ruin your nails?

My aunt said it is bad to wear nail polish. Does it ruin your nails?

5242 day(s) ago

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Answers (3)

It is both good and bad. Nail polish, applied correctly with a base coat, 2-3 layers of polish and topcoat, offers a hard protective coating to nails so that breakage is lessened. However, constantly polished nails become weaker with time. The nails themselves don't have to be as strong since they are being protected by layers of polish. I like to let my nails breathe for a few days after 2 or 3 polishings. (Is that a word?) :) It keeps them from getting too dependent on the extra protection and allows time for conditioning between applications. I opt for a more expensive base/top coat with less emphasis on the color coat.

Posted 4291 day ago

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No nail polish is not so bad for your nails but in some of the case it becomes the cause of critical nail infection. Toe nail fungus is such a fungus infection may occur due to nail polish. Last year I had got this infection in my foot Oh really it was so irritating. But there were some of the causes that i ignore and got affected by this infection. I used natural medicine for toe nail fungus. Fungisil was the best curable medicine for that. I used that for some weeks and get rid of nail fungus completely.

Posted 4757 day ago

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For the most part, nail polish is not bad for nails. Look how many people use nail polish and have no problems at all with the health of their nails. Your fingernails are dead material. Fingernails have no nerve endings or blood vessels in them so it is more difficult to harm than living organs like your skin. A problem may exist if you consistently polish your nails, remove the polish with polish remover, and paint them again, over and over, multiple times every day but most of us are not so obsessive as to take part in such ludicrous behavior.

Although nail polish is not bad for your nails, that doesn’t mean it isn’t bad for other parts of your body. Most nail polishes contain several toxic chemicals that should not be used on your skin. Just the strong smell of nail polish should tell you that something in it is not exactly safe. Some of the main chemicals in nail polish are:

• Formaldehyde – has been shown to cause cancer when present in the nose and ears of test animals. Inhaling formaldehyde fumes can also cause respiratory problems.

• Toluene – causes fatigue, weakness, confusion, and memory loss when inhaled. In test animals, it has shown to cause birth defects, kidney failure, and liver damage.

• Dibutyl Phthalate – affects hormones in prepubescent girls and lowers sperm count in guys. Some claim it is responsible for both uterus and testicular cancer. Excessive exposure has shown to cause nausea, vomiting, headache, and dizziness. Kidney failure and liver damage comes with prolonged exposure.

Because these ingredients are so toxic, it is always best to find out how much your nail polish contains or find a new nail polish that contains as less as possible. Sally Hansen is said to produce a line of nail polish that has alternative ingredients that are not linked to birth defects.

Nail polish remover is also toxic and has been linked to several deaths after it was accidentally ingested. So, while polishing your nails is not bad for your nails, it can have pretty serious effects on other, more important, parts of your body.

Posted 5242 day ago

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