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Why do some men get boobs?

Some men have huge boobs? What do they do to get them?

5127 day(s) ago

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Answers (1)

Man boobs is one of the most feared conditions to develop among men. Some men have, and live with, enormously large breasts that could put a woman’s to shame. Howard Stern has held contests for the largest man boobs that have drawn some remarkable examples. Man boobs can appear and development at any stage in a boy’s or man’s life. Many younger boys have large boobs simply because of excess baby fat that they have yet to grow out of. Adult males with weight problems can also have giant boobs that have developed simply from overall fat deposits. Men with larger breasts have a medical problem unrelated to obesity.

The biggest of man boobs is caused by a hormonal imbalance. The medical term for man boobs is gynecomastia. It occurs when a male body produces high levels of the female hormone, estrogen. All males have some level of estrogen. Estrogen is needed to balance the hormonal state of all human beings. Men usually have very low levels of estrogen, and women have high levels. The reverse is true of the male hormone, testosterone. Men have high levels of testosterone, and women have low levels. Boys going through puberty have higher incidents of gynecomastia because their hormone levels are changing. Sometimes too much estrogen is produced temporarily during puberty and then returns to normal after a couple of years. In these cases, the boobs will naturally become smaller once the level of estrogen drops.

Many adult cases of gynecomastia are the result of medications. Certain medications cause a hormone imbalance that creates man boobs, but the benefits of the medication can outweigh the side effects. Many men in this situation have the choice of living with man boobs or not living at all. Sometimes, the reaction from medications is due to a sensitivity experienced by individuals. In some cases, an alternative medication can be prescribed that does not have the same side effects. Any men who experience a rapid increase in the size of their breasts should see a doctor for an exam and possible ways of deterring the condition.

Posted 5127 day ago

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Question Title Why do some men get boobs?
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