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how do I do my taxes?

How do I file my income tax?

5124 day(s) ago

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Answers (1)

If you have a gross income under $57,000, you can probably file your taxes for free on-line using the IRS's new Free File program. You can find a provider for your location here:

Filing is easy: gather the appropriate documents and fill out the questions. While approved by the IRS, these sites are written in plain English, not legalese.

What's this documentation you will need? It depends on what you do with your money. Here's a list of the forms and information you may need:

Personal information

Your social security number, and if you are filing jointly, your wife or husband's
Child care provider's tax i.d. or social security number if you are claiming child care credits


W-2 forms for jobs you've worked at this year, sent by your employers
W-2G for gambling earnings if you won at least $1,200 in slot machines or bingo, $1,500 in Keno, or $600 if you won 300x times the amount of the wager in any other gambling, sent by the casino
1099-MISC for scholarships or prizes
RRB 1099 or RRB 1042S Social Security Railroad benefits
State and local income tax refunds
Alimony information from your spouse's legal representative
Jury duty pay, from your county clerk
K-1 for partnerships
Documents for business expenses
Schedule F for farm income


Personal property tax from your state or local tax agency
1098 for mortgage interest
1099-S for real estate sales
Paid real estate taxes, from your county clerk
Reimbursed moving expenses, from your employer
Rent payments, which you will need to document yourself.


Auto loan or lease information
1098-E for payments to education loans
Early withdrawal penalties for selling CDs and similar financial instruments


Charity donations over $250, provided by the organization
Expenses from paid or volunteer work that weren't reimbursed
Investment expenses
Medical savings expenses
Retirement plan contributions
Medical expenses
Sales tax
4684 for other miscellaneous expenses, like theft

Posted 5124 day ago

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Question Title how do I do my taxes?
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