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How to cook rice

How do I cook rice?

5123 day(s) ago

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Mr. Boxy
Rice should be "steamed" before eating. This process doesn't involve direct steam as you would use in steaming vegetables; instead, the rice slowly absorbs hot water.

Rice should be rinsed before cooking to ensure any processing materials and loose starch are washed away. Some rices, particularly Basmati, benefit from being soaked in water for a half-hour. Remember to fully drain the rice before cooking or you will have too much water for cooking.

As a general rule, you should add three parts water to every two parts rice: a cup of rice should be cooked in at cup-and-a-half of water.

If you have a rice cooker, all you need to do is place the rice and water in the cooker and flip the switch to "cook." When it's done the switch will flip back to "warm," although letting the rice warm for a while will dry it out some, improving texture.

Put a lid on the rice and turn the heat down too low. If your lid doesn't have a steam vent, you will need to put it on at an angle so there's a place for the steam to escape, wait for holes to show up between the rice grains, and then fit the lid on properly. White long grain rice should cook in 18 minutes, brown in 40-45, and both Basmati and Jasmine in 20-25.

Rice can also be microwaved:

Posted 5123 day ago

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