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How do I text message?

How do I send a text message?

4782 day(s) ago

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Answers (2)

yes, you want to send text message but via what? computer or mobile?
if you want to send text message via computer then go with
it's free.

Posted 4700 day ago

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To send a message to another phone, open your phone's menu, and look for an option that says "Messages." You will see something like "Text Messages" or "New Message." Selecting this option will bring up a text box. This is where you type your message.

If you have a numeric keypad, you'll notice that each key has three or four letters next to it. To type a letter, you need to push that button once for the first letter, twice for the second letter, and so on. For example, the 5 key is used for J, K, and L. If you want to type an L, you would push the 5 key three times. Once you have the letter you want, you need to pause to let the cursor move to the right before you type in the next letter. Spaces are typed with the 0 key.

After you press "send to," you can type in the number of the phone you want the message to go to, or select someone from your address book.

Some services use "short codes" of five or six numbers for sending messages to service providers. By now you've probably seen an ad for the Red Cross's fund raising campaign:

By sending the word "haiti" to the short number, you are agreeing to let your provider charge $10 to your account, which is then sent to help aid victims in the earthquake. Be aware that many companies selling ringtones are getting you to sign up for a monthly billed service that you will be charged for whether you use it or not.

Text messages can also be sent over instant messaging services like AIM and MSN. Most phones keep this software with other applications instead of using the text messaging interface.. Once you enter your username and password, you can use it the same way you use a messaging client on your computer. All of your information is stored on the provider's server, so your buddy list will load as soon as you log on.

Posted 4782 day ago

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