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How to unblock websites

How can I see blocked websites?

4780 day(s) ago

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Answers (3)

Try vpn

Posted 3708 day ago

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select option "Tools" of your browser then click on internet option then selct privacy tab then click on restricted site then you can be block any site those you want.

Posted 4698 day ago

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Websites can be blocked three ways:

Software built into a browser that blocks URLs
Redirecting requested websites to load from Localhost ( through the hosts file
Blocking by the server the website is on, or by a server between your computer and the website server.

Most browser software blocks sites by their URL, or "Uniform Resource Locator." This name is used to identify server IP addresses that contain the site. This way websites can change servers, but users can still still access the site using the same name. You can get around this type of blocking by accessing the IP directly.

You can find the IP address using this tool:

This will give you a set of four numbers separated by periods, like the Localhost number above. Type this into your browser's web address tool bar, and the page should load.

Redirection and blocking at the operating system or server level can be skipped over using a proxy. This service takes a blocked web page, copies it, and displays it at its own address. The page you are accessing is actually on the unblocked proxy server. Any good IT manager will block proxy sites, but there's one they'll have to leave open: Google Translate. Type your webpage URL into the site and select any language to translate it to; the data will be sent to your computer through, not the original URL. Since the text is already in English, it will be unchanged.

Posted 4780 day ago

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