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Why do scars form?

Why do we get a scar after we get a cut?

5230 day(s) ago

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The human body has an amazing ability to heal itself. This is seen most dramatically with the skin. When the skin opens, the body works to quickly close it again. What most people donít like about the healing process is that nature favors speed and efficiency over aesthetics when it comes to closing up breaks in the skin. What we are left with is a mass of smooth, non-porous, fibrous tissue, red and devoid of hair. In time, some scars may fade and blend in with the surrounding skin, until you stand under bright fluorescent lights and they all seem to jump back out at you. Other scars are noticeable for life. Scars take 1 Ė 2 years to take full form and mature. In the early stages, scars are red and usually elevated from the surrounding skin. This is because the scar is full of blood vessels that are necessary to help the healing process. When the scar is mature, it will gradually diminish in redness and elevation.

Scars come in three different types: atrophic, hypertrophic, and keloidal. Atrophic scars are rare. They form a depression in the skin, rather than the raised skin of the more common, hypertrophic scar. Keloidal scars are actually a type of tumor than expands from the original site of the injury. Except for the fact that keloidal scars expand, they are identical in appearance to hypertrophic scars. All types of scars have slightly different appearances on different people. These variations in appearance are due to environmental factors, such as humidity, genetics, nutrition, presence of infection, and proper first-aid.

Once scar tissue forms, it cannot be removed. Some surgical procedures and laser treatments may make a scar less visible, but treatments will never remove the scar completely. Some treatment is also possible while the scar is forming. Triamcinolone is a medication that can be injected into wound sites that helps to reduce the formation of the collagen that makes up the scar tissue.

Posted 5230 day ago

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