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Why do I have ear hair?

Why do I have so much ear hair? Why do people need hair in their ears in the first place?

5230 day(s) ago

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Answers (1)

While excessive ear hair is a problem for a great number of men, and a few women, ear hair plays an important role in biology and health. Everyone has ear hair. For most people, however, it is fine, light, and safely tucked inside the ear canal. Ear hair acts like a filter, protecting the more sensitive parts of the ear from dust and small particles of dirt that contain bacteria or other harmful pathogens. As with most body hair growth, ear hair growth is regulated by genetics and hormones. As most of us are aware, children have less body hair than adults. Hormones trigger the growth of body hair during puberty, and as body hair grows, ear hair may grow as well. Older people also experience growth of ear hair as they age because hormone levels change again for many people as they enter their golden years.

The most common question people have about ear hair is how to remove it. Many ways exist to remove unwanted ear hair, but not every method works with the same effectiveness for everyone. The first point to remember is that ear hair is important. If you want to trim your ear hair, only cut the hair that is outside of the ear. Never cut the hair inside the canal. Scissors work well for trimming ear hair for the majority of people. Also, specialized ear hair trimmers are available for purchase. Most ear hair trimmers are now electric and easy to use. Some people use tweezers to remove excess ear hair, but this is not recommended. Tweezers may pull out hairs that have roots deeper in the ear canal. Pulling out these hairs can damage the canal and pose a risk of infection. Hair removal creams are also not recommended. If the cream gets into the ear canal it will eat away the beneficial ear hair and can also seriously damage the ear drum and other sensitive parts of the ear.

Posted 5230 day ago

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