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How to Make a Guitar

How can I make my own guitar?

5222 day(s) ago

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Answers (1)

Many people enjoy participating in the art of guitar-making. It is easier to build an electric guitar because the sound is not as dependent on the body as it is with an acoustic guitar. Acoustic guitars are also difficult to build because you must bend and shape straight cuts of wood into the shape of the body. The body cannot be cut into shape. Bending the wood to the proper shape requires an expert touch and the proper equipment.

Electric guitars are easier to make because the body can be cut from a solid block of wood. You will need a saw, drill, drill bits, router, and router bits to complete the job. The first step in building the guitar is planning the body shape. Electric guitars can have a variety of shapes. Once you have a plan, trace the body on a 1 ˝” thick block of wood and cut it. Use the router to smooth out the edging. Next, you will need to route the area at the top for the neck. This is the neck pocket. Be careful not to make it too big, or the neck won’t fit properly and you will have to start again. After the neck pocket, use the router to form the cavities for the pickups and controls, and use the drill for the pickup and neck screws. At this point, you are ready to paint and polish the guitar. Finally, the neck, pickups and controls can all be added and wired. All that’s left is the strings. Then, just plug her in and tune her up.

Posted 5222 day ago

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