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How Much RAM Do I Have?

I want to run a program that says I need 1 GB RAM. What's RAM and how can I tell how much I have?

4778 day(s) ago

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Answers (2)

you can see all hardware detail in control panel-> hardware.
or system properties.
Right click on my computer then click on properties you will get all details.

Posted 4703 day ago

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If your computer is sluggish and running slowly, the easiest and cheapest fix is to just add some RAM. RAM stands for Random Access Memory. When you hear people talking about the memory of a computer, they are usually referring to the RAM. RAM is used by the computer to hold important information needed for the currently running applications. This information could be stored and retrieved on a hard drive, but RAM is much, much faster. It is recommended that most computers today have a minimum of 1 GB of RAM. High-end computers have as much as 8 GB of RAM. How much RAM and what type of RAM your computer requires, or can use, is determined by your operating system and motherboard. RAM comes attached to a small circuit board, often called a “stick.” Sticks of RAM easily pop in and out of the slots in the motherboard and are held in place by a clip on each end. To upgrade your RAM, you must either have an open slot, or the sticks already in place must be less than 2 GB. Currently, 2 GB is the maximum RAM that can fit on one stick.

Finding how much RAM you currently have installed on your Windows system is simple. Go to the Start menu on the bottom left. In the menu is a selection that says either My Computer, or Computer, depending on which version of windows you are using. Right click this, and choose properties from the right-click menu. System information will display, showing your processor, system type, and amount of RAM installed.

Posted 4778 day ago

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