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How to draw Pokemon

How do I draw Pokemon?

5250 day(s) ago

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Answers (1)

Despite a seemingly endless number of monsters, all of the primary sketches are done by one man: Ken Sugimori. Once you've mastered the basic techniques of his drawing style, drawing Pokemon characters will be easy.

Pokemon designs are very round. When you start drawing your monster, break the design up into circles and ovals. If you draw a "+" over the head, you'll find that the facial features will match up on these lines: typically the nose will be in the center, the bottom of the eyes will be on the horizontal line, and the mouth 3/4 of the way down the vertical line. Detail lines on Sugimori's characters always meet at very sharp angles.

Characters are always lit toward the direction they are facing. If you have a Pokemon facing left, all of the shaded areas will be on the right. Unless the character has flame as part of their design, this shading is always done as a darker tone of the character's main color.

You can see how this method works in this drawing of Charmander:

Posted 5250 day ago

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