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How to draw cartoons

How do I draw cartoons?

5115 day(s) ago

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Answers (1)

There is one rule to drawing cartoons: Keep it simple! Cartoon characters are used in comics and animation, two areas requiring quick turn-over. This is achieved by using simple shapes so they're easy to draw consistently. Mickey Mouse is a good example of this philosophy:

The parts of his body are simple geometric shapes: circles for the head and ears, a pear for the body, and sticks for arms and legs.

He only wears shorts, which require a minimum of adjustment to suggest movement.

He only has three fingers. In his first cartoon, "Steamboat Willie," he doesn't have gloves yet, so when his hands are closed they're drawn as black circles.

Cartoons characters, particularly animals, are not anatomically correct. Again, this makes drawing simpler: heads are large to make it easy to fit facial expressions on. In many cases, the face is drawn on so the same basic head shape can be used repeatedly:

Body parts are standardized, and height also tends to be the same across characters, making it easy to draw objects in the environment to scale.

Posted 5115 day ago

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Question Title How to draw cartoons
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