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How to tie a bow

How do I tie a bow?

4844 day(s) ago

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Answers (1)

There are many types of bows, but most of your needs can be covered with three styles:

Simple (Wreath) Bow

Cut a length of ribbon and fold it into thirds. Slide the ends downwards so they make an "X" shape, but leave the center straight. Tie a piece of twine tightly around the center. Pull the ends downward.

Floral Bow

Measure out the first ribbon end. Start folding the ribbon into loops above this end. If your ribbon has a front and back, twist the ribbon between each loop to keep the front facing out. Tie a piece of twine behind the loops. Cut the ribbon so the ends are the same length.

Layered Bow

Follow the floral bow instructions, but once you have the loops folded, twist them to form a circle before tying. You may want to add a little glue between the center of the loops to hold them into place.

Complex Bows

The styles above can be combined to make more complicated bows. Several layered bows can be laid on top of each other starting with a large bow in the back, and smaller bows as you move toward the top. The center can be covered with a wreath bow. Extra tails can be added by running additional pieces of ribbon through the twine behind the bow.

Posted 4844 day ago

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