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How to knit

How do I knit?

4844 day(s) ago

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Answers (1)

Knitting is the process of tying yarn into interlocked loops using a pair needles. It's a lot like crocheting, but the material made by knitting lends itself more toward being used for clothing like sweaters.


Tie a simple knot in the yarn, passing the left needle through the knot's center.

Casting on

Put the slipknot over both needles. Cross the needles your left hand while you use your right hand to wrap the yarn around the right needle. Hold the needles in both hands again and move the left needle over the right. Pass the left needle through the bottom of the right loop. Slide this loop onto the left needle.

The next two stitches start on your casting.

Knit stitch

Insert the right needle into the front side of the bottom loop. Loop the yarn over the needle back to front. Lift the left loop over the right and let it slide off the needle.

Purl stitch

This is done the same way as the knit stitch, except you put the needle in the back side of the bottom loop.

If you look at a knitting pattern, you'll see abbreviations followed by a number telling you how many loops to make.
k - knit stitch
CO - cast on
p - Purl stitch
You will always need to start with a slipknot.

Posted 4844 day ago

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