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How to make your penis bigger

How do I make my penis bigger?

5194 day(s) ago

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Answers (2)

Have a sexual problem cannot discuss with a doctor face to face?

Now you can discuss your personal problem with a doctor is lot more easier .
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Posted 4666 day ago

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Why are you asking? Certainly you can find information for at least a dozen "clinically tested" enlargement pills in your spam email. :)

There is no safe permanent way to increase the size of your penis. All permanent methods come with a high risk of impotence caused by blood vessel damage.

A third of the penis is attached to the pubic bone using ligaments. Cutting these ligaments surgically is the most reliable way to increase exposed penis length.

An erection is caused by blood filling the corpora spongiosa. Most penis enlargement is based around increasing blood flow to these chambers. Before Viagra was put on the market, the most common treatment for impotence was replacing the chambers with inflatable implants. While these would normally be the same size, it is possible to insert larger implants, increasing erection size.

Herbal supplements vary widely in active ingredients, from compounds that are similar to impotence medications to those that affect blood pressure. The actual effectiveness of these pills is questionable. The ingredients aren't safer because they're natural: They're just less refined than prescription medication.

Penis pumps increase the amount of blood held in the corposa spongiosa, but only temporarily, and pumping too fast can cause bruising and ligament damage. Penis rings act like a one-way valve, letting blood enter the penis, but not exit. Leaving one on for too long can cause tissue damage. Placing the penis in traction or attaching weights to it can permanently increase penis size, but like the other methods, it also causes impotence.

There are two safe ways you can make your penis look bigger:

Losing weight will reduce fat in the pubic area, increasing the length of exposed penis. Doctors will recommend this method first, but in extreme cases liposuction can be performed on the area.

Trimming pubic will expose more of your penis.

Posted 5194 day ago

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