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How to lay tile

How do I lay down a tile floor?

5220 day(s) ago

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Answers (2)

Please tell me what type of tile are you willing to lay?

Posted 4904 day ago

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The floor should be flat, clean, and wax-free.

Calculate where the center of the room is. This way cut tiles end up against the walls, with the rough edges hidden by the trim boards. Put some tiles on the floor to figure out where you want them to be laid. Some patterns have natural color inconsistencies which you will need to adjust for. You also may need to shift the pattern a little so the pieces against the wall can be cut to a reasonable size. Mark where you want the center tile laid: this is crucial for making the rest of the tiles go where you want them.

Unless you're using self-stick tiles, you'll need to lay down a layer of cement. Mix the cement according to the directions and spread it across the floor, working out from the back of the room toward the doorway. The cement will need to dry 15-20 minutes before laying down the tile. If you touch it, it should feel sticky but it won't leave a residue on your finger.

Now you're ready to lay down the tiles. Tiles should be gently dropped into place, not slid into place. Don't cut the edge tiles until you've finished with the rest so you can make accurate measurements.

Posted 5220 day ago

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