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How to make pizza dough

How do I make pizza dough?

4844 day(s) ago

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The yeast will need to be started by mixing it with a little sugar and some warm (not hot!) water. Drip some on the back of your wrist: if it feels hot, it will kill the yeast. Mix with a spoon and wait ten minutes. If the yeast is active, there should be a foam on top of the water. Slowly stir in the flour and, if the recipe calls for it, olive oil. This can be done with a stand mixer using a dough hook.

Dust your hands with flour and kneed: press down hard on the dough, fold, and turn. If you used a mixer this will take a couple minutes, or ten minutes by hand. If the dough is sticky, add more flour. You should be able to push the ball with your finger and have the dough spring back. Cover the ball in olive oil and set it in a bowl covered in plastic wrap. Let sit until it doubles in size: This will take at least an hour. You can also let it sit in the refrigerator overnight: the dough will rise slowly and have a yeastier flavor.

Now your dough is ready to use. You can also refrigerate it for three-four days, or freeze it for up to two months.

Posted 4844 day ago

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