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How to Make a Song

I want to write a song for someone. How do I start? Have any ideas?

5104 day(s) ago

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Answers (1)

Songwriting can be a difficult process if you donít know anything about music. If you have some training or natural musical ability, writing a song will be much easier. If you donít know anything about music, try to learn a little about music theory, even if it is just doing some research online. Once you are armed with a little knowledge, think of a subject you would like to sing about. Listen to some performers who have songs in the style you would like to sing. This will help to give you ideas on how to proceed, but be careful you donít lift any words or music from those you are listening to. Go somewhere that inspires you, preferably a place that will have you thinking about your subject. You never know when the inspiration will strike you, so always carry around a small notebook and a pen. You can also use a voice recorder. Many cell phones now have built-in recorders that you can use. Take it one verse at a time. When you have some verses, sit down and take a look at them. Try to arrange them. If your song is of a popular genre like rock, rap, or country, your song will need a refrain. The refrain is also known as the chorus or hook. This is the catchy part of the song that is repeated between verses. Once you have the song written, practice singing it to see how it flows. Continue practicing and tweaking the lyrics and melody until you are happy with the results. If you are happy, try writing another song while the process is still fresh in your mind.

Posted 5104 day ago

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