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How to Flirt with a Girl

Does anyone have any pointers for flirting?

4842 day(s) ago

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Answers (2)

[link url=]How to flirt with a girl [/link] depends on how much she is receptive to your words. You have to learn the right way to get her interested with your words first!

Posted 4307 day ago

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Flirting is definitely an art, and it can also be the beginning of a great relationship, but you donít want to think about this during the process. Flirting should be light and fun, not with serious intent. To be a successful flirter, you have to be both confident and relaxed. Any tension you hold will show through and ruin the experience. To help in the effectiveness of your flirtations, you will want to carefully choose the girl you intend to flirt with. Watch her and try to read her body language. Make eye contact for just a second and see how she responds. If she appears interested in you, approach her and begin a conversation. If you donít know this girl, you will want to start with small talk. A general statement about the weather or the place around you will work. Genuine complements on clothing, shoes, or hair are also good for starters. If the girl seems interested, you can continue. If not, it is probably best that you move on to someone else.

If a conversation ensues, give her your full attention. If you donít know her, introduce yourself after a few exchanges. Donít give too much information too fast. Successful flirting happens gradually and smoothly. Be sure to ask questions about her, and try to make her laugh with a well-placed joke or two. If she tells a joke back to you, be sure to laugh. If the conversation is going well, you might want to move to touching her hand or arm briefly during the conversation. If you are interested in her, ask for her number and call her later that night.

Posted 4842 day ago

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