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How to Model

I want to be a model. How do I get started? Where do I go? Who do I talk to?

4960 day(s) ago

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Modeling jobs are open to men and women of all types and ages. Models do not have to be tall, thin, and beautiful. Companies need models for everyday sorts of people as well. No matter the body type, however, most models will need to have clear, blemish-free skin. Once you decide to be a model, the first thing you will need to do is get a professional portfolio put together. Your portfolio should feature poses that highlight the type of modeling you are trying to pursue. Once you get a variety of poses, choose a few favorites and have them blown up to 8 x 10. Professional photos can be expensive, but they are worth it because they will make you appear serious to potential employers and agents.

Every large city will have several reputable modeling agencies listed in the phone book. Call at least three of them and make an appointment for representation. Models almost never find work themselves. 99% of modeling jobs come through agencies. Before the appointment, practice walking and striking poses. You should be able to emulate every major emotion on command. During the interview, the agency representative may take measurements of your body and more photos. Follow their instructions and be sure you can take any criticism they give you. Dont let it look like it is affecting you. After the interview, thank the representative for seeing you.

If the agency calls you for a shoot, always show up on time. Ask what you should wear and if you should do your own make-up. Be professional and stay organized. Write down everything you are told and always ask questions whenever something is not clear.

Posted 4960 day ago

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