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Why Do We Have Eyebrows?

Are eyebrows important? Why are they even there?

4949 day(s) ago

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Answers (1)

Eyebrows play a very important role in human survival, otherwise we wouldn’t have them. We use eyebrows for communication, but this is not their primary function. Along with the lips and eyes themselves, eyebrows are used in facial non-verbal communication. Eyebrows are very mutable and able to express a variety of emotional states that are very clear and easy to interpret. Like eyelashes, eyebrows remain an important system of protection for the eyes. Physically, eyebrows keep a lot of moisture out of our eyes. Whether the moisture comes from our own sweat or from an outside source, like rain, eyebrows both absorb the moisture and divert it to the sides of our face or the groove on the side of our nose.

Proponents of evolution and natural selection believe that humans with eyebrows survived and reproduced more people with eyebrows because of their ability to keep moisture out of the eyes. Running and fighting predators caused a lot of sweat, and the people who had clearer eyes, had an advantage at these times. Although this doesn’t help modern people in the city to survive much more than someone without eyebrows, thousands of years ago, situations were different and eyebrows were needed. Shaving and sculpting eyebrows has fallen in and out of fashion for hundreds of years in civilized society. Some women today still completely shave their eyebrows and draw in their own with a cosmetic pencil. The famous painting, Mona Lisa, doesn’t have eyebrows because it was fashionable for women to shave them at that period in Italian history.

Posted 4949 day ago

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