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How to lose 20 pounds?

My best friend just got engaged, and her wedding is in six months. She asked me to be one of her bride's maids, and I'm thrilled, but I don't feel comfortable wearing the dress she's picked when I weigh this much. I need to lose 20 pounds before her wedding, preferably before the dress fitting! How can I do it?

5018 day(s) ago

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Answers (1)

Losing weight is definitely a gradual process, but 20 pounds is a reasonable expectation for six months if you start making changes to your life immediately.
First, have smaller portion sizes! Most of us eat more than we really need to feel full, and this leads to weight gain. Try using a smaller plate; you can fill it all the way so that it doesn't "look empty," and still eat less than you normally would.
Take your time when you eat! Gobbling food is another way we eat more than we should, and enjoying a meal slowly gives our bodies time to send the "full" signal to our brains so that we stop eating when we should. Try drinking water between mouthfuls, or engaging in conversation, and NEVER eat in front of the television or computer! This distracts us from the food going into our mouths, and we eat without listening to our bodies.
Eat several small meals over the day rather than two or three big ones. This speeds up our metabolism, and keeps us feeling full even as we burn more calories eating the same amount of food.
Exercise! Take the stairs instead of the elevator, walk or bike to the grocery store instead of driving, and go to the park instead of parking in front of the TV! Moving gets your whole body processing, which is good for your weight.

I hope this helps! Enjoy the wedding!

Posted 5018 day ago

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