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Is it dangerous to pop zits?

When I have a zit, I just want to pop it. Does this hurt anything?

5153 day(s) ago

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Answers (1)

Popping pimples is a risky practice. If done correctly, it can be helpful, but doctors and dermatologists do not recommend anyone pop a pimple at home. Pimples, or zits, are pores in the skin that have filled with oil, dead skin, and bacteria to form a raised mound on the surface of the skin. Popping a pimple, especially with the hands, may force the bacteria deeper into the skin where they can infect larger areas and cause more pimples. Any oil and bacteria escaping onto the surface of the skin can also cause further outbreaks of acne. When a pimple is popped by squeezing, it can also form a lesion or blemish in the skin that can last a lifetime. Scars left by popped pimples are more disfiguring than the pimples themselves.

Popping pimples properly, however, may end the life of the pimple more quickly than letting it remain intact. Some doctors say, if done correctly, the adverse affects from popping a pimple can be diminished. First, the pimple to be popped should be bulging and look as though it may burst on its own. You will need a sharp needle. Disinfect the needle first with rubbing alcohol. Very lightly prick the surface of the pimple until it is punctured. Do not stick the needle into the pimple. Go at it from the side. An alcohol pad or acne cleaning pad should be placed on top and used to gently squeeze the material inside the pimple outward. Pat-dry the pimple to finish. Do not continue if there is any pain. If it bleeds, stop squeezing immediately. Never pop a pimple that is not ready. It will scar if you pop it too soon.

Posted 5153 day ago

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Question Title Is it dangerous to pop zits?
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