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If someone is choking on food, can you do an emergency tracheotomy at home?

I saw this on TV. They used an oyster knife. Can this really be done or is it just bs?

5153 day(s) ago

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Answers (1)

Unless you are a trained physician with the proper tools, you should never attempt to perform a tracheotomy yourself. The procedure is much more complicated than how it is portrayed in movies and on TV. If you attempt to perform it yourself, chances are you will cause one of these scenarios: (1.) you hit a vein and the person immediately bleeds to death. (2.) You collapse the trachea, making it difficult for even professionals to correct your mistakes, or (3.) You cause a severe infection that may not be able to be cured.

The best you can do at home is to use the Heimlich maneuver. To perform the Heimlich maneuver, follow these steps:

1. Get behind the person choking. They should be standing upright. Stand with one of your legs between theirs for support should they pass out.

2. Make a fist with one of your hands. Place the inside portion of your fist (the side with your thumb) against the center of their belly, on or just above the belly button.

3. Place your other hand over your fist. Quickly thrust your hands upward into the belly. The larger the person, the more force you will have to use. Use a more gentle (but still forceful) thrust for small children.

4. If the food or object does not dislodge, repeat the thrusts.

5. If the object doesn’t dislodge, and the person faints, call 911 for help.

6. While waiting for emergency personnel to arrive, check for a heartbeat on the person. If their heart stops, you may need to begin the chest compressions of CPR.

Posted 5153 day ago

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Question Title If someone is choking on food, can you do an emergency tracheotomy at home?
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